Swage Die Maintenance

Swaging problems are greatly reduced when a clean Swage Die is used. For proper cleaning, a strip of 500 grit emery or crocus cloth wrapped around a rotating arbor is recommended.

  • a. Place the Swage die to be cleaned in the Die Base plate.
  • b. Insert the 1/4" Cleaning Arbor (P/N: T200019) into a hand grinder or drill motor with the split end out.
  • c. Secure a strip of 500 grit paper in the split end of the Cleaning Arbor and wrap a small amount around the end of the arbor. (See figure A.)
  • Figure A
    Figure B
  • d. Place the Cleaning Arbor with the emery cloth into the Swage Die and energize the motor. (See figure B.)
  • e. Oscillate the Cleaning Arbor within the Swage Die for approximately 5 seconds, then stop.
  • f. Remove the Swage Die halves from the Base Plate for inspection. The internal die surface should be cleaned to a near mirror finish.
  • g. Repeat the cleaning process when Swaged Collars begin to show a non-bright or matted surface finish.