Hose Assembly Procedures

  • 1. Calculate the Hose Cut Length by subtracting the combined Fitting Deduct Lengths for the end fittings from the desired Finished Assembly Length.
  • 2. Wrap masking tape around the hose at the approximate cutting location. Accurately mark the desired Hose Cut Length on the masking tape and cut the hose.
    • • Masking tape is used to accurately mark the determined Hose Cut Length and to hold the braid wire in position during hose cutting.
    • • Abrasive or steel cutting wheels provide satisfactory hose cuts.
  • 3. Install both swage collars in alternate positions on the hose with the shoulder of each collar close to each hose end.
  • 4. Install the correct Hose Expander (P/N: T200020-xx) in a rotary chuck. Slide the collar flush with the hose end and push the hose end fully onto the rotating Hose Expander. To prevent damage to the PTFE liner, the rotary chuck must not exceed 400 RPM. (See figures 1 and 2.)
  • 5. Force the Insert Stem into the hose, all the way to the Stem Shoulder. Then, slide the Swage Collar to the main body of the Insert. (See figure 3.)
  • Figure 1
    Figure 2
    Figure 3
  • 6. Lubricate the Swage Collar with Coconut Oil (light film only.)
  • 7. Select the proper Swage Die set (P/N: TFSDx-xx). Install both Swage Die halves, including the pre- pared hose end, into the Die Base Plate (P/N: T2000017). (See figure 4.)
  • 8. Place the required fitting Swage Stop (P/N: T200021-xx) on the swage die surface. (See figure 5.)
  • 9. Energize the swaging ram face until it contracts the Swage Stop (swage is complete), then retract the ram. (See figure 6.)
  • Figure 4
    Figure 5
    Figure 6
  • 10. Remove the Swage Stop, then the Swage Die, from the base plate. Inspect the swaged end for possible defects. (See figure 7.)
  • 11. Verify the correct Swage Diameter by measuring the Swaged Collar diameter directly next to the die-half segment lines. Be careful not to measure the raised lines. (See figure 8.)
  • Figure 7
    Figure 8

    .040 WALL PTFE Smooth Bore Hose Crimp Chart

    Hose Dash Size:
    Swage Collar O.D. (in):*

    * Swage Tolerance = +.004 / - .000; measured on the split die axis.
    Replace Swage Die when measurement exceeds + .004.

  • 12. Repeat steps 4 through 12 for the remaining hose end.