Application Safety Information

This website is intended as a guide for selecting the proper hose and end fittings for conveying a variety of industrial gases and fluids. For steam or chemical applications that may cause injury, this product should be selected and handled by personnel trained in the safe handling of the materials being conveyed.
Intermixing of hose or fittings not specifically engineered by Techflex Enterprises may result in the fabrication of an unsafe hose assembly. Warranty of this product is contingent that only Techflex Enterprises fittings and hose are used and assembled using factory recommended tooling and procedures.
Manufactured in our Massachusetts facility, Techflex Enterprises fittings and hose are produced at the highest quality. Our braided hose inner core is produced using virgin PTFE with a 304SS outer braid. All fitting materials are Rohs2 compliant. Standard fitting materials are 303, 304, 316SS, Carbon Steel and Brass. Custom materials such as Aluminum, Inconel, Monel and Hastelloy 276 may be made per customer request. We offer outside braiding services. Techflex Enterprises has been an ISO compliant manufacturing facility since 2004.